Our mission

Elevating People and Purpose

We are a boutique consultancy firm that specializes in leadership, teamwork and communication, which seeks to enable people and purpose to thrive.


Through a research-driven approach, we help you uncover and understand underlying problems.


With our customized tools, we help you elevate impact through trainings, coaching and interventions.

Our Teamwork Modules

Good teamwork often fails to happen, due to:
  • Misaligned goals and priorities
  • Lack of trust or commitment
  • Insufficient attention paid to sensemaking
  • Too much or too little communication


Purpose-driven collaboration

Many organizations are finding it difficult to engage people in the organizational mission, beyond the specific tasks that people do. This lack of engagement has multiple consequences for communication, learning, and work quality. 

We help teams realize the purpose of their work and how it connects to a greater mission. We coach supportive teams and functions to work with purpose


Cross-functional collaboration

Departments and functions within companies tend to develop a silo mentality, which negatively influences the flow of information and critical workflows.

We help teams overcome such barriers, by coaching a transition from the delegation of tasks towards a synergistic collaboration model that can integrate strengths across departments.


ESG sensemaking

Companies are challenged today to create an ESG/CSR/Sustainability-focused culture. While many new concepts around green are brought in, employees do not have a clear understanding of how to apply them to their own areas of responsibility.

We help teams and functions to make sense of what it means to be sustainable in ways that can support the company purpose. By doing ‘translation work’, every employee has the potential to become a green ambassador for their organisation and industry when communicating with stakeholders.

Our Leadership Modules

Leading in today’s world is an increasingly complex task, due to expectations of stakeholders and the challenges of sustainable development.
This requires that we take into account:
  • Our purpose
    (what does it mean to be “us” in light of the challenges of the 21st century?)

  • Cultural diversity
    (how can we adopt a more global perspective, and how do we lead teams across cultural boundaries?)

  • Our communication with various stakeholders
    (how do we better utilize the potential of communication to lead our industry in a sustainable direction?)


Purpose-driven leadership

In the face of today’s uncertainty, employees at many levels need to take the initiative in line with an organizational purpose that takes sustainability into account. 

We help coach your (potential) leaders so that they can approach their work with purpose, perspective and the necessary skills to lead.


Cross-cultural leadership

People tend to lead in ways that are consistent with their own culture. Yet companies in today’s world are recruiting talents from all over the world. This requires new ways of managing people and processes. 

We help you adapt your leadership and management practices so that the potential of cross-cultural teams can be effectively realized.


Stakeholder communication

Communication is a powerful tool for building bridges to collaborate around good change. 

We help you utilize the communication potential while staying true to your roots. This involves embracing new norms and routines when the old ones are not efficient.


"Thanks to Vision Pioneers for their professional analysis and insightful workshops that helped change our mindset. They enabled us to completely change our team collaboration model. From the interviews with CEO and first-tier managers to observations of our cross-functional meeting, their insights made us realize that we needed to change our way of collaborating in order to achieve teamwork synergy and better realize the company’s visions. They also customized workshops for us to practice. I am glad to see my employees starting to use the new way of collaborating and abandoning their old habits and titles. They have actively established cross-functional task forces according to their strengths, purposes, and needs, and we have got surprising results and benefits."
Steven Ko, Founder of O'right

Our Philosophy

We believe in a participative system. When good impact can flow seamlessly, the examples of some will inspire the contribution of many.
We believe good leadership can be found in unexpected places. It is a process where individuals help others see the journey clearly.
We believe in the potential for synergistic collaboration. Such teamwork is what makes visions and purpose come alive.
We believe in transparent and authentic communication where active listening and sensemaking is essential for people to contribute to a shared purpose.

Our Strengths

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Our Approach

Research-driven based on insights from social psychology and qualitative research methods, combined with an understanding of different contexts.

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Our Expertise

  • Leadership & Teamwork

  • Communication & Sensemaking

  • CSR/Sustainability

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Original Tools

Customized tools developed through research, especially for Asian contexts.

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Cross-cultural mindset

Companies in today’s world need to manage diversity. This requires new ways of managing people and processes.

The cross-cultural perspective is thoroughly embedded in our approach.

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While healthy cultures are important for organizations to thrive, it is very difficult to be self-aware of when cultural patterns actually impede, rather than help drive, good work and behavior. 

We are committed to helping create good environments where both people and purpose can thrive. 

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Unique perspective

Core values emerge from roots that are related to authentic beliefs and experiences.

Our thinking and experience is anchored in the Goalistic Thinking philosophy, which originated in Sweden.