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Making visions become reality tends to involve turning business plans into efficient implementations so as to achieve market success. But chances are that the visionary qualities which make the project unique are lost as business recipes for success take over. And so the visionary project fails to reach its full potential.

Vision Pioneers takes a different approach. Our mission is to help bring a unique vision to life so that the impact of what is created reflects the visionary purpose in a powerful way. We have the tools and the expertise to lay a foundation that allows the vision to live on also after a founder has left the scene.

Gestating a visionary project

We coach people through a gestation process that enables a vision to mature so that what is brought to life is viable in the environment for which it was intended. 

Our goalistic maps and analyses are designed so as to bring clarity to the visionary elements of a project. A clear understanding of intentions and purposes that underly the strategic guidelines of a project are a precondition for fruitful strategic dialogues. These instruments enable the prospecting and assessing of ideas so that the full range of visionary implications are taken into consideration. 

See also our course in vision gestation.

Sustainable implementation

We establish and strengthen an organic team so it can fulfill the visionary purpose over time as a project grows and develops. 

Sustainable and effective implementation requires people and vision woven together organically. Our goalistic approach to team-building enables different perspectives to take the lead according to a particular setting. This makes full use of the unique potential of individual team members.

See also our course in building goalistic teams