Vision Pioneers
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Our seminars

We give seminars for people who are interested in food for thought that can inspire constructive initiatives in the environment in which they are engaged.  

The aim of our seminars is to generate reflection on issues of importance by providing inspirational and challenging examples of visionary and human potential that remains to a large extent unrecognized in today's world.  

Constructive Venture Capital
This seminar presents the visionary elements of a pioneering initiative for venture capital that came to life in post WWII U.S.A.

It contrasts this pioneering vision with the global phenomenon that we know today.

Sustainable Motivation
The uniqueness of individuals remains an unrecognized potential in much of business and organizational life.

This seminar gives a fresh and inspiring perspective on motivation and leadership. 
The seminar is held by Miriam Garvi, Ph.D. with experience in motivation and leadership issues.


Our courses

Vision Pioneers also offers courses in Goalistic Thinking, which is the philosophy underlying our approach to vision implementation. These courses are particularly relevant for those who are interested in how to bring visions to fruition and see individuals flourish in the process. They offer the opportunity to meet with people from diverse environments who have an interest in similar issues.   

Goalistic Teams
- Weaving Vision and People Together
Effective vision implementation requires an interplay of capabilities ranging from the visionary and creative to the assessment and improvement-oriented.

This course on Goalistic Teams gives food for thought on how the differences between individuals open up for a greater potential when interwoven with a common understanding of the visionary elements of a project/initiative.


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From Conception to Impact
- Introductory Course in Vision Gestation
This course on Vision Gestation is about the flows that lead to the creation of something new. 

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